DIY Contractor Sandwich Board Sign (FREE PLANS)-img_0867.jpg

FREE PLANS in pdf format (BOTH IMPERIAL & METRIC DIMENSIONS) Ė Download Info Below.

I decided I needed a contractor sign to display my logo whenever Iím doing any work out in the field, but I didnít want to have those plastic type lawn signs made up. Instead, I designed a sandwich board style contractor sign.

This sign is for my own logo which I carved with my X-Carve machine, however such a sign can also be hand painted, or vinyl graphics with adhesive can be used.

My design is versatile because the sign board (1/4Ē or 6mm plywood) is fastened to the frame with finish washers and screws, but no glue. The sign can be easily removed and changed out with a different sign, depending on oneís needs whenever necessary. This means several signs on thin plywood is easy to store without taking a lot of room, and you only need to have one or two sandwich board frames.

Youíll note I used pocket screws and glue to make the sandwich board frame, but you can use any type of joinery you wish. You can also change any of the dimensions to suit your requirements.

Hereís the link to the FREE (for conventional tools) PLANS download page (in both Imperial & Metric dimensions):

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Here's the video: