I call this unit "The Cave" and it is usually placed about 1.8 m inside our front door creating a divider to the open plan. It currently sits near a wall as one of my sons moved home for a "short period", about a year ago,LOL, & his pool table needed the space (5m) if it was to be used and his mother refused to have it run the other way (about 9.5m)

ENTRY FISH TANK DIVIDER-rsz_dsc_0614-1-.jpgENTRY FISH TANK DIVIDER-rsz_dsc_0615-1-.jpg

Some westerners like a divider for privacy and security.

Some Asian cultures like to improve the Qi (chi) to slow the strong incoming energies and create a more peaceful atmosphere within.

The face of this unit was originally kind of roundish and I intended on building a natural edged strongly figured table with it. It is Cinamomum camphora or a common name is Camphor laurel. As the years went by and the drying & curing took place I came to realise that with all the sharp edges, bark pieces, and pointy pimples it would not be safe as a table top for children.

After much pondering I was inspired to build "The Cave".

The legs are Pyrus sp or fruiting Pear tree. Feet are Camphor laurel also and are from off cuts from another project. The painted mat black finished shelving is a pine carcasse lamelloed together with biscuits. I painted it black to make it invisible & not detract from the beauty of the Camphor & Pear.

ENTRY FISH TANK DIVIDER-rsz_1rsz_dsc_0886.jpgENTRY FISH TANK DIVIDER-rsz_1rsz_dsc_0887.jpg

ENTRY FISH TANK DIVIDER-rsz_1rsz_dsc_0888.jpgENTRY FISH TANK DIVIDER-rsz_1rsz_dsc_0889.jpg

Constructional issues resulted in my choice of various lengthed Gal Batten screws that resist loosening. The ones attaching the front to the legs & those attaching the feet to the legs have matching (the best I could do from the offcuts) plugs. Those shorter ones connecting the pine to the legs are not plugged as the pine is only 19mm (3/4") thick.

ENTRY FISH TANK DIVIDER-rsz_rsz_dsc_0890_1.jpg

For assembly, I made use of an extra hand, a 4" by 4" carport post plus various sash cramps, G cramps, & F clamps.

I opted for a polyurathane finish in matt but the can was incorrectly labelled semi gloss and is acceptable for me. The first coat when dry was sanded with wet & dry & turps then the other coats were applied wet on wet as a rainy week was forcast.

It has the wow factor for visitors. For my wood working colleagues it has had mixed sentiments from "that's not woodwork, there are no dovetails or mortices" to "that's an engineering masterpiece".