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Thread: Domino effect bridge collapse from mudslide - GIF

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    Domino effect bridge collapse from mudslide - GIF

    Domino effect bridge collapse from mudslide. The way the piers fall looks like a controlled demolition.


    116 excavators demolish bridge overnight in China - video
    Tank bridge - GIF
    Lego bridge girder machine - GIF

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    All they need to do now is pile some dirt over it and have a dam the core is already in place.

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    Nature controlled demolition.
    I think there was a real problem with the design of linear bracing. :too much focus on allowing the flood waters to flow without much to hinder its pass.

    I have seen a bridge over the Nyrang river demolished by a tree in flood waters: it was travelling downstream across the river.

    The first Queen st bridge (brisbane) suffered the same fate when a barge was pushed against it during a flood in about 1893. My mum's great aunt told me the story & many others. She saw three bridges in the same spot.

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