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Thread: Drill press chuck extension

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    Drill press chuck extension


    Chuck in my drill press doesn't hold little drills.
    Its for 4mm-16mm. So far i have used dremel workstation drill press with smaller holes.

    I wanted to use dremel diamond cut off wheel with it.
    Also dremel workstation ain't very accurate to drill metal, so this fix that issue too.

    I had smaller chuck, it was with 3/8" thread, but i had no suitable threaded rod, so i re-threaded it with M12
    Then used M12 threaded rod to connect smaller chuck to the drill.

    Now i can use drills between 0-16mm. Its quick to change and allows me to use my drill with dremel bits too.

    Drill press chuck extension-1.jpg

    Easy to adjust lenght if needed.

    Drill press chuck extension-2.jpg

    Wanted to use diamond cut off wheel to re-use broken glass jar.

    Drill press chuck extension-3.jpg

    Drill press chuck extension-4.jpg

    Drill press chuck extension-img_20170925_131715_011.jpg
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    My sole metal machining project to date has been to attempt a device that fits the spigot of my shopsmith to hold a larger chuck, so that I can use 16mm shank drills, but unfortunately this was a failure, because the hole was not truly centred. Well, no harm done! I would like to fit the chuck somehow.

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