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Thread: Drill press lathe chuck mount.

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    Rorschach's Tools

    Drill press lathe chuck mount.

    A very simple little tool. I had a MT2 shank threaded to match my lathe head stock. It allows me to mount my lathe chucks in the tailstock or in the tapered head stock of my wood lathe. I have now increased it's function even more. I turned a bush to fit the centre hole in my drill press table and bored/reamed the bush to accept the MT2 shank. A draw bar and washer secures it underneath.

    I can now mount my lathe chucks in the drill press securely and use them for easily holding items. Excellent for round stock and repetition using a self centering chuck. By offsetting the chuck I can use it as a makeshift rotary head for drilling circles of holes etc.

    The setup is easily centred with the drill chuck using a bit of round bar with a point as the MT shank had a centre hole from manufacture.

    The accuracy, considering it is a drill press setup with the associated slop etc, is more than adequate.
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