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Thread: Easy angle grinder storage stand / rest

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    Easy angle grinder storage stand / rest

    I usually use angle grinders outsides.
    And i hate to lay them to ground between cuts.

    I made this simple stand / rest.
    Where i can put grinders to rest, meanwhile i weld or do something else.

    Easy angle grinder storage stand / rest-img_20210530_143445_758.jpg

    Stand is made from 40 x 40 x 1.5mm square tube.
    To the upper part i weld pieces of plate to the sides of the tubing.

    Easy angle grinder storage stand / rest-img_20210530_143445_809.jpg

    This creates a groove that holds grinders from the guard / or wheel.

    Easy angle grinder storage stand / rest-img_20210530_143445_794.jpg

    When not in use, there's hooks for the cords, and grinders are nicely stored. When i go outside, i grab the whole set with me, and im ready to work.

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