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Thread: Email mailing list for home made tools only

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    Email mailing list for home made tools only


    I signed up for the homemade tools email a long, long time ago, but I'm getting more and more tempted to unsubscribe as a result of the changes that have been made. Is there an option to subscribe to just home-made tools emails?

    A few random examples of things that have been in recent "Home Made Tools" emails that don't seem to belong:

    • Woman Balances on Redbull Can
    • Construction Site Robbery Gone Wrong
    • 1937 Aluminum Casting Furnace Workers[
    • Minuteman II Missile Silo Blast Door
    • Women Promote Baskin-Robbins in 1964
    • Moving a One-Million-Pound Wall
    • Cruise Ship Engine

    It seems that I'm having to spend a lot more time scrolling through stuff that belongs in "tool talk" or maybe "cool stuff someone saw on reddit" to see the home-made tools spread thinly in amongst them.

    Is this a lost cause and should I just unsubscribe, or is there an alternative list that just includes the home made tools?

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    Short answer: we have just that one list.

    However, the homemade tools are generally listed at the top of the email, before the other listings. So, if you like, you can just stop reading as soon as you pass them.

    On Saturday, we do our "Tool Talk" newsletter, that lists all of the discussions from our Tool Talk subforum, in order of Thanks votes, with the most-Thanked posts listed first. You can just ignore that one if that content doesn't interest you.

    Alternatively, there's a section of the site that lists new homemade tools only that you can browse daily, and skip the newsletter completely, located here:
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    That's a shame. I do tend to ignore tool talk on Saturdays and since it's the whole email, that's fine.

    If what you said about the homemade tools all being at the top were true, then that would be good. I've generally found it not to be the case though.

    For example, the latest email (sent 13th September) has a girl's rifle team (how is that even vaguely tool related??) & a river bus. Then, far below are a Countersink Gauge & a lathe alarm, which I am interested in.

    Guess I'm stuck with unsubscribe or put up with all the stuff that should be in tool talk.

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