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Thread: few more bits.

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    naughtyboy's Tools

    few more bits.

    had a busy day in the shop.
    first is a belt sander i made for my daughter who is making some projects out of wood.
    i used an old bench grinder as base for it, i machined the pulleys out of some 25m rd stock
    guard and rest pce is made from an offcut of 100mmx 100mm box and upright is from some 30 x 5 mm flat.
    i cut slot by drilling 2 8.5mm holes and joining them with cutting disc on grinder.

    works well enough for what she needs, but motors not powerful enogh for much else.
    few more bits.-phone-pics-001.jpg

    second up is a coolant system for my drill press.
    i used an old locker stand from work that i cut hole into back to fit rd column then welded strip of steel across back and following curveof cut.

    then drilled hole in corner to fit drain plug and connected it to a small parts washer.
    few more bits.-phone-pics-002.jpg

    finally is hole cutting assister.
    needed to drill some holes in ally plate, normally when doing steel i just slip pce of wood to stop holesaw cutting into table but mate melts all my ally swarf of lathe into rd bar for re-use.
    so got scrap pce of ally chequer plate and put 100mm ole in centre allowing me to protect table and keep swarf clean for re-use
    few more bits.-phone-pics-003.jpg
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    Thanks naughtyboy! I've added your Belt Sander to our Belt Sanders category, while your Drill Press Coolant System and Hole-Cutting Aid have both been added to our Drilling and Drill Presses category. All three tools have been added to your builder page: naughtyboy's Homemade Tools. Your receipts:

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