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Thread: Finishing rotisserie

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    Finishing rotisserie

    In woodturning, the easiest way to apply a finish is while the piece is still mounted at the lathe, either with the lathe running, or stopped and turning by hand.
    When this is not possible or for finishing other small pieces, a device like the one I show is handy, and can be used along with a spray booth. The finish can be applied with airbrush, spray gun, aerosols, or even with paintbrush.

    Finishing rotisserie-4.jpg

    The following photo shows a squaring jig that I made a long, long time ago (for assembling drawers, I guess), which worked fine for this project:

    Finishing rotisserie-1.jpg

    The turning mechanism consists of a crank attached to a drill chuck, plus bearings and washers, all of them reused items, stored in the workshop.

    Finishing rotisserie-3.jpg

    Finishing rotisserie-2b.jpg

    A rotating horizontal plate (lazy Susan-like) was added to finish standing pieces.

    Finishing rotisserie-6.jpg

    Finishing rotisserie-5.jpg

    Finally, the device is provided with hooks to hang the airbrush, while it is not in use.

    Finishing rotisserie-7.jpg

    Other possibilities to explore are the addition of a motorized driving (low RPM synchronous motor) for both turning devices, the addition of a second fulcrum, or placing a SuperNova chuck instead of the drill chucků.

    Regards, morsa

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