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Thread: Folding welding tablebtop

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    Folding welding tablebtop

    This is for the folding table in one of my other posts here.
    It's made from garage door track, random hinges, random scrap and the roof skin from a fire-damaged 2001 BMW touring.
    I know that I should have boxed the shell in first, but I wanted to build the frame first for no rational reason. It worked out well enough.

    Folding welding tablebtop-img_7261.jpg Folding welding tablebtop-img_7262.jpg Folding welding tablebtop-img_7263.jpg
    These turnbuckles hold the top open and closed. The handle doubles as a place to park the grounding clamp.
    Folding welding tablebtop-img_7370.jpg Folding welding tablebtop-img_7372.jpg Folding welding tablebtop-img_7375.jpg

    Folding welding tablebtop-img_7119.jpg Folding welding tablebtop-img_7202.jpg Folding welding tablebtop-img_7224.jpg

    Bonus: I made this greazy corner welding jig so that I could tack the inside and outside:
    Folding welding tablebtop-img_7226.jpg Folding welding tablebtop-img_7225.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Folding welding tablebtop-img_7119.jpg  

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    Thanks sossol! We've added your Folding Welding Tabletop to our Welding Tables category, as well as to your builder page: sossol's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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