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Thread: yet another baseball bat mallett

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    yet another baseball bat mallett

    Mostly just a a quick goof-around project. I wanted to make one of these lopsided metalworking mallets and find out whether I could chuck the bat securely enough on my South Bend lathe to turn it without damaging the wood too badly. The material donor was an apparently collectible T-ball bat that I found at Goodwill. The other mallet is the leftover from the first one.
    As usual, I set an arbitrary and artificial limitation, which on this project was to preserve as much of the original finish as possible.
    The wedge is a piece of some exotic hardwood scrap. No idea what it is.
    I goofed on the handle and ended up with that gap near the wedge. Meh. It'll still work.
    yet another baseball bat mallett-img_1129.jpgyet another baseball bat mallett-img_1123.jpg
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