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Thread: Forming Brass over MDF

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    Forming Brass over MDF

    I needed to make two brass brackets and tried forming them over MDF:

    Forming Brass over MDF-fuel-tank-01.jpg
    One of the key steps was coating the MDF in superglue

    Forming Brass over MDF-fuel-tank-07.jpg
    I annealed the brass a couple of times during the forming

    Forming Brass over MDF-fuel-tank-08.jpg
    The final finished pair of formed supports.

    Actually, not quite finished as I need to clean them up and add spacer bars.

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    Your work is very nicely done!
    MDF+Superglue is a wonderful form material.
    I've used it for heat-bending plastic, plasma-torch forms (to run the torch around to make and exact shape), bending aluminum, etc.
    I find that the water-thin CA is the best - it wicks in deeeeeeep.
    Also, if I screw up in making my form - a bit of MDF sanding dust and CA fixxes my boo-boos.

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