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Thread: Gas Cylinder Transport Caddy

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    Gas Cylinder Transport Caddy

    Gas cylinder Transport Caddy (took a while to think up what to call it!)

    When needing a refill of C25 or a tank swap of argon, I prefer to lay the cylinder down in my truck rather than stand it up since it's a short drive for me. (laying it down is perfectly acceptable for welding gas but NOT for all gases; propane for example should always be standing up)

    When doing so, now you have to keep the cylinder from rolling so instead of propping spare tires and blocks against it which never seem to work anyway, I created this holder that the tank sits in. (this one fits an 80# cylinder)

    Made from 1 x 1/8" steel flat bar and 1 x 1/8" angle. I have added anti skid tape to the bottom and the curved areas to keep everything from sliding.

    I know I'll get a lot of use from this and will probably wish I made it a long time ago. lol

    As far as I can find, I don't think there is anything available on the market like this and am considering making a few to sell on ebay.

    Tip: With a few screw holes, this could also be used for storing a tank against a wall but I have no need for that so did not drill any holes in this one.

    Gas Cylinder Transport Caddy-dscn3503.jpgGas Cylinder Transport Caddy-dscn3502.jpgGas Cylinder Transport Caddy-dscn3505.jpgGas Cylinder Transport Caddy-dscn3504.jpg

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