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Thread: Hallway circulation fans

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    Hallway circulation fans

    I have been wanting a silent way to create circulation down my 35 ft long hallway in hopes that the heat would migrate to the back bathroom. snce we don't use the 3 back rooms I not concerned with heating them with the wood stove 60 to 75 feet away.
    I bought 4 140 mm 1000 RPM BE-SILENT fans then zip tied them together and wired them to a wall wart 5 amp transformer each fan draws ,03 amps so my transformer is way over-sized but this allows for adding more fans should I choose to do so.
    Hallway circulation fans-20181109_131444.jpgc.jpg
    Hallway circulation fans-20181109_131457.jpgc.jpg

    Hallway circulation fans-20181109_184618.jpgc.jpg

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