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Thread: Shop bracelet

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    Shop bracelet

    A thin steel disk, a Velcro wrap-strap, and a miniature magnetic dish from Daiso...

    Put them together and you have...

    a bracelet that will hold your small parts (e.g. nails, screws, nuts, etc.) while you're working up on a ladder or under the sink.

    If the little dish is too bulky get some of HF's magnets...

    and you can make a more compact part holder...

    These magnets are strong enough to hold small tools as well, as this picture shows...

    although I hardly recommend hanging a hammer from your wrist.

    If you can't locate or manufacture the Velcro wrist band consider using an old watch band or one of those now popular paracord survival bracelets. Obviously, many other options are possible.

    These bracelets are available commercially but cost $15+, get a lot of bad reviews and don't offer the flexibility of interchangeable magnets. Besides, it's more fun to make your own.

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    nice idea for those who can wear things on their wrists. I have a couple of those magnetic parts dishes stuck around in places like on the dash of my backhoe and the cowl of my 8n tractor seems the best place for me to leave them. Had 1 on a work bench for a while but it collected stuff worst than a flat surface so it now hangs on the side of a tool box for those times when I'm working on a truck or piece of equipment then I grab it and stick it to a bumper or the frame or something.
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