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Thread: Hand drill strap winding tool - video

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    Hand drill strap winding tool - video

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    Used to drag a flat bed and I would have loved one of those to rewind my straps after a dropoff.

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    If you've ever closely examined quality ship models in museums, you may have seen neatly coiled lines lying on the decks. Now, if you've ever built such a model, you will appreciate how tedious it would be to coil "rope" that's the thickness of sewing thread.

    When I've done it I adapted exactly the technique shown here albeit on a much smaller scale. Instead of the two arms projecting from the disk, the central shaft has a split milled into it. A plastic disk the same size turns freely on the shaft outboard of the plywood. The electric drill is replaced by a slower electric screwdriver.

    First the thread is soaked in heavily diluted wood glue. Then it's wedged into the split and the screwdriver rotates winding the string between the plywood disk and the free running plastic disk. (Both of these disks have been waxed so the glue won't stick to them.)

    Once the coil is the right size the assembly is put aside until the glue sets up whereafter it's detached using a palette knife as a thin spatula.

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