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Thread: Hand turning rest for metal lathe

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    Hand turning rest for metal lathe

    A metal lathe isn't much use for wood turning; it's too slow although with good hardwood some simplistic work can be done. Nevertheless, there are times when turning details on fine model work is more easily done with hand-held gravers in a manner similar to the way wood turners work.

    To do so requires a rest. I built this ugly contraption to hold the wood turning rest from the Unimat at the correct height to work on the metal lathe. An aluminum bar spans the ways and is locked in place with a plate under the ways. The rest itself is adjustable in both height and angle.

    Although not used often, it works very well when needed.

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    Interesting idea for a rest. However I have always used the 3/4" boring bar in the QCTP for the few times I need to do some hand graving, its fully adjustable and I already have it on hand when I need it.

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