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Thread: Harvesting rubber - GIF

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    Harvesting rubber - GIF

    Harvesting rubber.


    Adding sulfur to rubber - GIF
    Harvesting rubber - GIF
    Cutting thick rubber - GIF

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    Some guy named Henry tried that. He found it to be most unprofitable...

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    Quote Originally Posted by IntheGroove View Post
    Some guy named Henry tried that. He found it to be most unprofitable...
    Ford was ever a control freak. His Amazonian adventure might have gone better had he not attempted to play god with his workers; this from Wikipedia...

    The town had a strict set of rules imposed by the managers. Alcohol, women, tobacco and even football (American soccer) were forbidden within the town, including inside the workers' own homes. Inspectors (American managers) would go from house to house to check how organized the houses were and to enforce these rules. The inhabitants circumvented these prohibitions by paddling out to merchant riverboats moored beyond the town jurisdiction,[6] often hiding contraband goods inside fruits like watermelons. A small settlement was established 8 kilometres (5 mi) upstream on the "Island of Innocence" with bars, nightclubs and brothels.

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