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Thread: Help with tools to build AK 47

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    Help with tools to build AK 47

    Hello guys ,

    I am Mike also known as shootur44 nickname stuck cause I always shooting 44mag and it just stuck But what I guess I am looking for if anyone has them and would share I would Greatly Appreciate it. I am looking for the plans with demensions for building all the AK 47 & AK 74 tools to do the build ups. I just missed out on the block that you shape the main receiver with. I was the 2nd asking after they sold out and the block were dirt cheap then But now they want too much for them and I am kinda in a bind at the moment. Plus I got some toys to play with to use to make all these tools I need. Or at least I hope I got everything I need.

    I am also a newbie and self taught what if anything I know about machining. But I have a Enco 9x20 with most all the mod's done and a PM932 PDF & xy axis power and I have been trying to build as many tools as possible aNd I have several projects working. At this time - when I finish I was going to post some of them.

    Also does anyone has the plans for a good rotary table that you could add the dividing head parts too also.
    I would really appreciate any and all help possible. So thanks for your time and help anyone. Mike

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    Mike, You have all the tools you need to make you own AK tooling. I did and just followed what I found posted on the web. You will need to make a frame wedge with relief cuts on the sides and a form that helps you fold the flats. I think you can find drawings on AK47 section.

    Good luck

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    I join eagle_view on the suggestions made.
    Additionally, best places on earth to examine firearms specific tool designs are Brownell's, Jack First formerly of Lancaster, CA, and Numrich. The importers like Sherwood and Century sell them too.
    AK's specifically mean naught to me, I'm not a little jingoistic in that respect.
    First time at the Pacific Fleet Matches convinced me. Envisioned 3rd world types so equipped engaging our 600 yard firing line, armed with Garands, M1A's, and AR's. Outcome predictable, spotters or not.

    But tooling is tooling, and I live for that. You ask for help and I will.

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    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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