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Thread: Hold down clamps for T-slots

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    Hold down clamps for T-slots

    A while ago, I needed some hold down clamps for the homemade T-slots at the drill press table; eventually, I had three different versions, and they all worked well:

    1- First attempt was bending and gluing thin strips of wood

    Hold down clamps for T-slots-a1.jpg

    Hold down clamps for T-slots-a2.jpg

    Hold down clamps for T-slots-a3.jpg

    2- Second approach was to cut the shape in plywood

    Hold down clamps for T-slots-b1.jpg

    Hold down clamps for T-slots-b2.jpg

    Hold down clamps for T-slots-b3.jpg

    Hold down clamps for T-slots-b4.jpg

    3- The third attempt was cutting the shape in solid wood and adding a pivoting dowel

    Hold down clamps for T-slots-c1.jpg

    Hold down clamps for T-slots-c2.jpg

    Hold down clamps for T-slots-c3.jpg

    Hold down clamps for T-slots-c4.jpg

    4- A variant of the previous model consisted of making the pivot with aluminum

    Hold down clamps for T-slots-d1.jpg

    Hold down clamps for T-slots-d2.jpg

    Hold down clamps for T-slots-d3.jpg

    Hold down clamps for T-slots-d4.jpg

    Either of the models are easy to make, and are an alternative to commercial hold down clamps; in addition, you could make them in two or three different lengths.

    Regards, morsa.

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    I'm a big fan of quick release clamps and have found cycle seat clamps and wheel skewers to be invaluable for use in jigs and fixtures.
    Hold down clamps for T-slots-s-l1600.jpg

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    Thanks, Walney Col. That's a great idea. They are called cam clamps, and you are right, they are very useful in jigs. There are commercial items (i.e. Cam Clamps - Rockler Woodworking Tools), but of course you can reuse clamps from discarded bikes. Even in these hold down clamps, you could use a cam clamp instead of the threaded knob.
    I have a pair of these discarded cam clamps and I will try to find them an application.

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    Thanks morsa! We've added your Hold Down Clamp to our Clamps category,
    as well as to your builder page: morsa's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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