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Thread: homemade clamp for welding pipe end to end

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    homemade clamp for welding pipe end to end

    homemade clamp for welding pipe end to end-20151125_142631.jpghomemade clamp for welding pipe end to end-20151127_094438.jpghomemade clamp for welding pipe end to end-20151127_094509.jpghomemade clamp for welding pipe end to end-20151127_095135.jpghomemade clamp for welding pipe end to end-20151127_141506_001.jpg Here are a few pictures of a pair of clamps I made, I found the idea on the internet and copied it...and added the hole in the center to allow welding access from the bottom.
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    Thanks Eljorger! We've added your Pipe Welding Fixture to our Welding category, as well as to your builder page: Eljorger's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Gracias Eljorger, así se soluciona el inconveniente de soldar el tubo cuando se suelta de un lado y de este modo se deja fijo sin que se deforme.

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