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Thread: Homemade Improvised Vacuum water pump using Plastic barrel 125L and PVC Pipe without

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    Homemade Improvised Vacuum water pump using Plastic barrel 125L and PVC Pipe without

    How To make Free Energy Vacuum Water Pump Without Electricity using Plastic Barrel 125L / Experiment

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    Can you produce a slight negative pressure using the vertical head from the height of the barrel to the outlet of the drain? Yes, definitely. Can you use that head to pull water vertically up from that well? Not a chance.

    Lets say the vertical distance from the top of the barrel to the outlet at the pond is 5 ft. Then you run that plastic pipe into the ground to draw water up. The vacuum produced can never lift the water from the well more than 5 ft.

    This can't work unless the outlet of the water is BELOW the water level of the underground well.

    Fake news.

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