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Thread: Hot sauce barrel pouring bridge - GIF

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    Hot sauce barrel pouring bridge - GIF

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    I'll take 2 barrels aged for 2 years please. I'll bet after running that hose for a month or so those guys would never contact even the sniffles of a common cold ever again.
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    The Tabasco plant is a great place to visit...both the factory tour and the gardens are amazing places. We were there a couple of years ago. It was the middle of the day so we didn't see any gators, but there were a lot of birds. The bird sanctuary is supposed to be amazing, but we had the dogs with us so we couldn't go there.

    The gift shop is..wallet draining, if you let it be :-) I didn't actually know they made that many varieties of Tabasco products :-)

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    About 15 years ago I was still a FireMedic in southern Indiana, there was a Colgate factory there that made toothpaste. We took a small tour as part of a fire department pre planning trip in case the factory ever caught fire. One of the huge rooms was what they referred to as the mint room. It’s where they stored all of the mint for plant production. Wow when you walked up to the huge doors you could smell the mint. When you walked through the doors it would almost overpower you. You wouldn’t be in there long before your nose was running even if it wasn’t plugged up, and tears would start to well up.

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    Tabasco fumes

    Quote Originally Posted by Jon View Post
    Hot sauce barrel pouring bridge.
    In a documentary about the Tabasco factory they said that equipment like forklifts had to be replaced every 7 years because the fumes would eat away at them.
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    Barrel transporting and pouring cart - GIF
    Charring oak whiskey barrels - GIF
    Making wine barrels - video
    How giant oak beer barrels are made - GIF
    Equipment like forklifts and other machinery has to be replaced every seven years because the atmosphere in the Tabasco plant is so caustic.

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