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Thread: Hydraulic log splitter

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    Hydraulic log splitter

    Hi all,
    Thought you may be interested in the log splitter I finished building last year. It took many months of gathering materials and building on and off but I finally finished it and am pretty happy with the results . As you'll see a few changes were made throughout the build and it's buit with a combination of stainless and mild steel. The engine I used is a 9hp Wisconsin

    Hydraulic log splitter-image1.jpg

    Hydraulic log splitter-image2.jpg

    Hydraulic log splitter-image3.jpg

    Hydraulic log splitter-image4.jpg

    Hydraulic log splitter-image5.jpg

    Hydraulic log splitter-image6.jpg

    Hydraulic log splitter-image7.jpg

    Hydraulic log splitter-image8.jpg

    Hydraulic log splitter-image9.jpg

    Hydraulic log splitter-image10.jpg

    Hydraulic log splitter-image11.jpg

    Hydraulic log splitter-image12.jpg

    Hydraulic log splitter-image13.jpg

    Hydraulic log splitter-image14.jpg

    Hydraulic log splitter-image15.jpg

    Hydraulic log splitter-image16.jpg

    Hydraulic log splitter-image17.jpg

    Hydraulic log splitter-image18.jpg

    Hydraulic log splitter-image19.jpg

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    That looks nice. The best thing that you did was to make it so that it can operate vertically. That saves a bunch of log lifting and its subsequent wear and tear on the lower back. What's next: a four way wedge?
    If you can't make it precise make it adjustable.

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    Thanks, The wedge I put on the splitter does have bolt-on wings for four-way splitting. But I soon removed them as it pushed the wood down onto the table, sometimes jamming it between the splitter wings and the table. This was in the horizontal position however and the four-way splitter may work better vertically?

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    Thanks djrobilliard! We've added your Log Splitter to our Logging category,
    as well as to your builder page: djrobilliard's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    That's a pretty classy looking build. I love the stainless steel(!?) fenders and the old Robin engine... thank-you for posting!

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    Very nice splitter, Every fall I tell myself that this is the year I will get around to building one, but seemingly more important projects come up and I wind up ax splitting another year. probably same thing again this year. OH Well, there is always the next year
    Never try to tell me it can't be done
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    I built a vertical 3pt hitch splitter in 1978 primarily do deal with all the big elms that were dying.
    The weak point on a splitter with a travelling wedge is the junction of vertical back and the horizontal table.
    It is almost impossible to make the joint strong enough while keeping the table close to the ground.
    I needed to roll 40'' diameter logs onto it so it had to be low and one has to chip away at the log as they are too big to split in two on the first split.

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