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Thread: I am a new member and have really been enjoying the postings on Homemade tools.

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    I am a new member and have really been enjoying the postings on Homemade tools.

    Some of the items posted are things that I would like to build for my own shop use. Are plans available for any of them? In particular there is a welding table posted by one member. I would really like to be able to duplicate that for my shop. I have several welding tables that I have built for my own use as needed, but the one posted on your site is a bit of a different configuration and I can see its unique utility in some of my projects. In the past I have created what I have referred to as "specialty tools" while building various projects. But I never thought about perhaps sharing them for others ideas and use. It would be interesting to me to get more information about the site and the postings.

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    Hi kma,


    Glad to hear that you've found a number of tools you'd like to build for yourself. We're currently working on creating and launching a Plans Marketplace where plans authors will be able to offer their creations for sale. For the moment, however, detailed plans are not available for the majority of our entries. You could always attempt to contact the original posters directly.

    Which tools did you find especially interesting?

    I'm looking forward to seeing your specialty tools!


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