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Thread: I made a bearing bump tool for my Mini Lathe

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    I made a bearing bump tool for my Mini Lathe

    A bearing bump tool makes it much simpler to center stock with long stick-out in the 3-jaw chuck. No more tap-tap-tapitty-tap! I saw James use one on his Clough42 YouTube channel and had to make one!

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    I'm going to remake the two I have, one for my big lathe that uses 400 series QCTP, and the other for my 100 series QCTP. The problem I ran into, I had to swap the roller around to go from doing a thin plate in the chuck to a short cylinder. The steel square stock I have is too short to just add the second bearing. That is it's too short for the tool holder, as I used scrap brazed tool shanks to make these.
    The other thing, you don't need to notch out and have the bearing installed with its axis perpendicular to the square stock, rather drill right into the end of the stock and reduce the extra machining. I'm not picking apart what Clough42 did, but I'm guessing he copied someone else's design.
    These really are handy.
    Looks like keystock was used for the project, that's hard steel.
    I'm thinking round bar could be used and a boring tool holder. This makes it a pure lathe operation. But square is a 4 jaw chuck setup, and it's good to swap chucks out and dial stuff in.
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    This is definitely a tool that I'll make too. Thanks for posting.

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