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Thread: Inadequate pressure in cyclone dust colector

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    0.2 hp, are you you using a computer fan? get a 1.5 hp motor, no more worries

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    I had to google what a "Kitty dust extractor" was. We are talking apples and melons here. It would be VERY enlightening to see how the OP hooked up the cyclone to a dust extractor because it works on a totally different idea than my shopvac powered cyclone. My cyclone has the suction from the vac sucking from the center about 14" down from the top ( my cyclone is 24" tall)of the cyclone. An extractor sucks up through the fan then blows it out into the collector. So is the cyclone in front of the motor/fan, or is it blowing into the cyclone?

    If it's sucking through the cyclone then through the fan, I'll bet his pickup tube for suction is either too small, or too far down into the cyclone and is being restricted by the cone. You should have the same amount of vac with the cyclone if everything is correct. Putting a bigger motor on a problem is not the answer. The net info on the Kitty said it was a 3/4hp motor. The hp ratings on shopvac are just plain ol silly, it's hype. Mine is supposedly 5hp "peak". Total BS. But it works great for my cyclone and filters my main worry, powdercoat powder close to flawlessly. There's no way that little motor in the top of my shopvac is as potent as the motor I see on the Kitty.

    There is a really excellent and complicated explanation of the film flam that is vac ratings on page 3 of this post by our resident Grand Wizard PJs :

    What I don't like about the whole "extractor" thing is like I mentioned, all the dust and debris goes through the fan, then into the collector. How can that not wear out a fan? Sorry, I think it's a very dumb design. I'd add pulling the motor and taking a look at the fan to my list of checks. I'm also not a fan of these little cyclones and to me a traffic cone is pretty small and floppy. That's why I made my cyclone out of sheetmetal ducting.
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