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Thread: Just another jib crane

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    Just another jib crane

    My shop is slow in coming along and I have begun doing more and more work out of the container that will be part of the shop when it is completed so the logical thing to do was to construct another jib crane I didn't want to remove either of the 2 from my shop trailer, they would be too short to be of much use anyway.
    thee column rthe crane is mounted on is the actual corner st of the shop a 7" sch40 pipe buried in the ground about 7 or 8 feet with a 24" diameter truck wheel for the base so it is not going anywhere it is also packed full of dirt and oil vibrated in with my plate packer walking around the base.
    The crane is 11ft of 4" 13lb to the ft H beam mounted on a 2.5" shaft with the same sized bearings as the other 2 jib cranes and my swing away band saw mount ( I have 100's of these so why not use them) the top tension brace is just a piece of 10ga formed "C"
    I put a 2 ton chain hoist on it not for raising 2 tons at least not until the shop is built and everything is tied together.
    Just another jib crane-20190808_115346as.jpg

    Just another jib crane-20190808_121953-0-.jpg
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    I'm green with envy over that hoist.

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