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Thread: Just another paint stir'er

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    Just another paint stir'er

    Yep just about everyone has made their own version of paint stirs
    I usually just grab an old 5/32 or 3/16" welding rod and bend a couple of bends in the end of it then toss it when I'm done
    Well this one I mingt keep a while
    It is made from a scrap piece of 5/16" chrome rod with a double paddle bend on the bottom
    when plunged all the way to the bottom of a 1 gallon can of paint and spun in my 1/2" 675RPM drill it will create a vortex cavity nearly all the way to the bottom. then when held just under the surface instead of slinging paint all over the place it still created a downward vortex Absolutely the best paint stir attachment I have ever owned.
    Just another paint stir'er-dscf6942c.jpg Just another paint stir'er-dscf6943c.jpg Just another paint stir'er-dscf6944c.jpgJust another paint stir'er-dscf6945c.jpg Just another paint stir'er-dscf6946c.jpg Just another paint stir'er-dscf6947c.jpg

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