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Thread: Lathe Carriage Stop Digital Indicator

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    Quote Originally Posted by DIYer View Post
    Good tips on those sites to watch. I've been wanting to learn those programs but have been put off by the steep learning curve. Plenty of things to do, not enough time!
    Snag-it and/or CAMTASIA Video Screen-Capture Software by TechSmith is very helpful for making quick videos for individuals to show them motion of how the mechanical prototype item will function ... Also saves time making most of the design changes in SolidWorks CAD Software models prior to real-life fabrication ...
    Screen Capture Software for Windows, Mac, and Chrome | Snagit

    Also helps for making quick screen-captured videos for people that want to see how to do something when learning SolidWorks... Usually make a few private videos for new users each week but might start making more public YouTube videos showing how some of these items are draw and/or Rendered.

    The other day Keith Rucker sent me an email asking if I would take his sketch and turn it into a quick SolidWorks Model and make a simple Screen-Capture video so that he could better explain to his YouTube channel viewers how the Lathe Stop he was making would function.
    It was fun to draw because I didn't have to think about anything cause he had it all sketched out ... He had the finished design in his head but SolidWorks allowed others to see the moving parts of what he was planning to make:

    However ... Some days there is nothing better than a design hand-sketched on a bar napkin!!
    Old School "Scrap Metal Engineering" using only what one can find in the workshop!! Whoo Hoo!!

    -- CHEERS!!

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    Great additional info, MetalDesigner. Makes me more hopeful that I can learn a program like SolidWorks.

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