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Thread: Router table fence.

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    Lightbulb Router table fence.

    The stock fence that came with this table I purchased years ago served its purpose well until I decided I needed a little more accuracy. The JessEm hld-downs were a welcome addition. For one project I was working on I needed a high fence and so this has become my standard fence. The table alreay had an adequate dust system both behind the bit and under the bit and the fence was design to maximize dust clean up.

    Th height not only allows a firm backing behind taller jobs, but I have added auxilliary plywood pieces for flush trimming or for easing into the bit without having to readjust the fence each time.

    Router table fence.-018313f2e43487624238ed9aa70c4bab06769d31e1_00001.jpgRouter table fence.-01c5c8f3f47e9d6076b14a2506db56c81d1006d35e_00001.jpgRouter table fence.-0144c67f9f00c5b5a71331f3454ac1c7c80be65320.jpg

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    Thanks Powless Design! I've added your Dovetail Sliding Table to our Routing category, as well as to your builder page: Powless Design's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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