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Thread: Lathe insert holder, sharpen inserts and turning hss

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    Lathe insert holder, sharpen inserts and turning hss

    This was one of the first things I tried to mill on lathe, so I spent a lot of extra time setting up to mill angles that I could have done on the bench grinder in seconds.

    I need to cut a couple of 6 degree angles and replace the paper shim where I recessed the 6 degree too far.

    Set vice at 6 degrees and make some wedges, then set at 10 degrees and wedge work.

    Video of it being abused turning HSS - this requires sharpening on a diamond wheel because most inserts are blunt - except those for aluminium. HSS needs pressure and very sharp inserts or you will just get dust.

    good thing most inserts can be sharpened a lot. This had already been 10 times on the diamond wheel. you can see the chip breaker is gone.

    This is type of wheel I use RVD 75% 150# 100mm x 20mm Plain Diamond Grinding Wheel Cutter Tools | eBay

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    Never used a milling attachment. Even with mills available the temptation is there, build a big one for the Pacemaker. The attraction, exactly as you demonstrate is compound angles and power feed in many more increments than any mill ever had. Before mills, lathes were the available cross axis.
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