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Thread: Lathe Parting Tool Spring Type Tool Holder For QCTP

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjr2001 View Post

    There is another way to try to reduce or eliminate chatter when cutting off. I have seen it demonstrated on YouTube. You use a rear mounted tool post
    and invert the cutoff tool so that the cutting edge is down instead of in the normal up position. Lathe is still run in the normal direction. The cutoff tool will
    now be less likely to bite into the work piece. On my list of things to try one of these days.

    Best of luck with your cutoffs, JR
    this is a often mentioned way of running a cutoff blade,usually on lathes w screw on chucks,main idea is so chips will fall off not binding up cutting tool, but it is NOT a reccomened method IMO..1 u cant see what your doing, work and tool both blocking view,2 it puts ALL the forces on to the dovetails,instead of the flat surface on crosslide,and in smaller lathes can break off dovetails sevierly damaging carridge if not ruinning lathe!! a way to eliminate some vibration is to bolt tool holder directly to compound using the threaded plate, u make a oversize plate/toolholder ,say 1 inch thick, wide enough to cover compound area around the threaded plate,and bolt directly to threaded plate, u may want to drill and tap 2 other holes in threaded plate for tool holder to bolt to.u will then need to move compound to get your 90 degrees, not a fast way to do cutoffs ..usually when i had trouble doing a cutoff i would just back off ,move over 1/2 or 3/4 thickness of cutoff tool and take a second plunge into work,fastest way to finish a cutoff.

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