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Thread: Lathe safety/stupidity accident video

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toolmaker51 View Post
    In this case, term 'graphic' is a definition refering to gore, which this video hasn't.
    I'd invite any young buck tussle one green Pacemaker at left, in avatar. I'd even select lowest RPM, heck it's only 35. . .Graphic would be plenty evident then, compared with dinky little Victor or Jet.
    If by ¨graphic¨, gore was meant, then gore should have been used. Gore is a perfectly good and honest word. Graphic, on the othe hand, has become a vague word with many meanings in the way it´s now used. It also has an exact meaning... That big green thing wouldn´t fit in my shed - it barely houses my c1900 14x38 Hendey. Planning on building a 40x40 shop if time permits. My time on earth, that is.

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    40' x 40' is a worthy size. What I hankered for too, one long, long time.
    Big green thing? Only a svelte 9300 lbs of 16" x 54".
    Shamefully, I awaited photo-opportunity for that effect. With snow on the ground, none of the other shots worth saving. Filed some copies, but the original's titled 'Skyline', as in day I altered ours.
    Well, a 80' mobile crane helped some...
    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PJs View Post
    The ID10T that turned the lathe on...dunno probably should be somethinged, let a lone the maroon with the chuck key. Not sure if a Machine Safety training video could be produced that would stop Twiticizm. When I was a Safety officer I once caught the production manager standing on a roll around swivel chair changing an 8' florescent light in his office...whatcha gonna doż
    Hello that would have got the hairs on the back of your neck moveing! We had a worker who was rather short and when he was useing a 9"Grinder to grind off old paint & undercoat from inside a steel shed he thought it was a Good idea to Stand on 2 X Plastic Milkcrates and use one hand holding the on button with that one arm extended up and when the Grinder Snapped back and nearly cut him to Pieces.Ladders were available and assistants But as Einstein said "Stupidity has No Limits!" Consequently the Company proceeded to Ban all use of 9"Grinders which the Welders & Boilermakers Objected Strongly.

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