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Thread: Lathe Tailstock Alignment Tool Demo Wood or Metal Lathe

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    Cool Lathe Tailstock Alignment Tool Demo Wood or Metal Lathe

    This is a demonstration of a tool I made and posted on the Forum "Homemade Tools. Net".
    This is a Lathe Tailstock Alignment tool for use on Wood or Metal Lathes. Tailstock alignment is very important if you do not wish to turn a taper in your work piece. This tool can make quick work of alignment of the tailstock to the center of rotation of the spindle. Just to note you want to use a know round straight piece in your chuck to referance to, the use of a Endmill or 1/2 or larger drill bit are good to use.

    Video Link:

    Link to Build on Homemade Tools. Net. My builder name is "Catfish".

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    Randy's original post of his Lathe Tailstock Alignment Tool can be found here: Lathe Tail Stock Alignment Tool

    Thanks for the demo, Randy!

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    Thanks for posting, Randy!
    There are a few caveats in using this method regarding indicator sag which the following post clarifies:

    Short story for the Perfectionists: The chuck-mounted axle, arm and the indicator itself should ideally be absolutely rigid,
    while also being mass-less to avoid gravity sag, and to be optimally consistent.

    -Myself, I can buy the small errors while checking my chinese 7 x 14".

    Two cents

    Cheers, Johan

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