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Thread: Lathe tailstock threading die holder

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    Lathe tailstock threading die holder

    Using an old 2MT taper to fit the tailstock, I carefully aligned and welded on a short piece of pipe true to the alignment of the lathe spindle. I then took a piece of pipe that had a close slip fit over the smaller pipe and welded an import 1" socket on to the end (of course again keeping in line with the lathe spindle). A short clamping screw is inserted through the side to hold the die in place.
    In use, the unit is place in the tailstock and the entire tailstock moved forward to the properly sized workpiece slowly spinning in the lathe spindle. You simply pull the portion with the die up to the workpiece and begin to thread. Once you get almost to the point you want, just release the portion from your hand and let it spin with the workpiece. Shut down the lathe and complete the threading with no power to ensure you don't go too far. Back the die off of the workpiece by reversing the lathe and holding with you hand until the die is free.
    Lathe tailstock threading die holder-img_1635.jpgLathe tailstock threading die holder-img_1634.jpg

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