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Thread: Swarf collection tool

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    Swarf collection tool

    So here are my efforts for a swarf collection tool

    22mm copper pipe and end cap , 18x18mm earth magnet, length of stainless m6 rod , and some plastic bits and bobs , works like a charm , only thing is some of the tiny metal filings jump over the rubber when you withdraw the magnet, needs revising maybe a mk2 version !

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    Thanks covert! We've added your Swarf Collection Tool to our Cleaning category, as well as to your builder page: covert's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    That is a nice design. I must be lazy or more worryingly, unimaginative as I use a magnet in an old plastic bread bag. When I am done I invert the bag and throw the contents away. The bag is used again. I think I would find your design more useful for me when using ti under a car to retrieve dropped parts. The standard telescope magnet ( to which I have taped an extra strong magnet ) tends to get attracted to all the wrong things on the way the target item. So, you see you gave me a good idea.


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    Looks like you are using grommets for the stop, Perhaps a large aluminium washer that will fit the grommet would work?
    I keep saying that I am going to build one of these, Another in a long list of projects!
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    I made one exactly like this several years ago. I simply turned a 2" washer of delrin and press-fitted it where you see the grommets. Used an old drawer knob for the handle. Saves on cuts and pokes when cleaning up around the lathe and mill!!! Also pretty darn handing picking up lost things.... Make one, you'll be very glad you did.

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