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Thread: Leaf rake repair plate

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    Leaf rake repair plate

    My wife for some untold reason loves her old leaf rake. The thing couldn't have cost more than $10.00 new and must be at least 20 years old, made with a plastic body no less.
    Yesterday it did what all old plastic does, it broke.
    She asked me if I could just wire it back together to use until we decide to go to town and buy a new one.
    I said why not just remove the handle and huck the rest in the dumpster.
    You make all of these tools and you don't think my old rake is worth a few more days of use.
    Ok lay it on the table and I'll see if there is anything I can do to stave off its well deserved demise if I have time tomorrow.
    So after replacing handles in 3 shovels sharpening up a couple of hoes straightening the tines on a couple of manure forks, sharpening an ax or 2 tightening up the handles in several hammers, I was thinking you know she is right I've spent half the day doing the very thing to loads of tools I thought her rake was not worth.
    So I grabbed an old piece of metal siding and hammered out a splint for the leaf rake.
    Leaf rake repair plate-wp_20191223_15_19_45_richrd.jpg

    Leaf rake repair plate-wp_20191223_16_22_46_richrd.jpg

    Leaf rake repair plate-wp_20191223_16_23_08_richrd.jpg
    When I handed it to her she took it a swatted the ground a few times then said it feels better in my hands now I guess I won't need a new rake after all.
    I said now when the handle breaks you will probably want that replaced so you can keep the old rake won't you.
    Why not it is hard to find a good rake now days.
    If she only knew if I would have to had to do that repair on something that would be paid to do I could have bought 3 rakes for the cost of the time to repair it

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    I have a rake just like that one in my garage. I put it up because I always liked how good it worked.
    I guess I have a fix for it and now to find some extra time.
    Thank you.

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