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Thread: Lever double tool feed for watchmaker lathe

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    Lever double tool feed for watchmaker lathe

    This is a rocker for my little lathe. I copied mostly from pictures of Gortonís Swiss automatic lathes, but itís less finely adjustable and I made it so I can put different things on it, normally tool posts but also things like my screw slotting fixture.

    It has the same function as a cross slide with front and rear tools on a regular screw machine or plain lathe, and like those is limited to in-feeding, but instead of sliding on ways it rotates about 45į on a journal that clamps around the bed. Each side has a small slide to set cut depth relative to the fixed stops underneath, with t-slots for mounting tools that allow some individual sideways adjustment. Springs center it when itís not cutting.

    Itís a 3/16Ē tool in the video.

    Lever double tool feed for watchmaker lathe-wmlr01_inuse.jpg Lever double tool feed for watchmaker lathe-wmlr04_gortonphoto.jpg

    Lever double tool feed for watchmaker lathe-wmlr02_onbench.jpg Lever double tool feed for watchmaker lathe-wmlr03_drawing.jpg

    Lever double tool feed for watchmaker lathe-wmlr_toolposts.jpg

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