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Thread: Look, built a fence...

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    Look, built a fence...

    Where I work; long established, small, family run. That can mean the depth of experience is limited. Most common phrase, "always did it this way."

    Hard to find a manual machine more efficient profiling work pieces than a bandsaw. I say, IMNSHO there isn't.
    But free handing straight cuts requires bluing and scribing a layout, that many people can get .020 positive [.50mm] said layout.
    I have order for 16 swing bolts 2" diameter, 18" long. I've made these twice before. They've freehanded them for decades. My second piece, umm no thanks. I'll clamp a bar of CRS to table. OK, but tedious setup. First op center drilled each end carefully, only way to get decent 2" threads in 2" thick stock, supported by centers, dog driven.

    All remnant and drop material. Aluminum
    rescued from waterjetted plate of unrelated levers.
    Cold rolled rail and face.

    Look, built a fence...-doall_fence-1-.jpg

    Sliding along front rail, position secures very
    well via knob clamp screws. This view has cap screws in
    key slots and strip washer. That allows easy removal, whereas
    blade obstructs each side.

    Look, built a fence...-doall_fence-2-.jpg

    Parallel sides make setups far
    easier to machine. Ultimately will saw big radius off to
    natural, space saving angle. Interior wedges
    sawn by drilling, passing band blade through
    and rewelding. Done, just recut blade.

    Look, built a fence...-doall_fence-3-.jpg

    Commercial hardware;
    cap & set screws, all thread, hand knobs, jam nuts.
    Clamps are slightly less spread than set screws.
    Set screws, fine threaded, adjust squareness.

    Look, built a fence...-doall_fence-4-.jpg

    No plans. No plans needed other than tape measure.
    Factory version just under $1000.00 USD.
    45 Best Harbor Freight Tool Modifications

    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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    Nice; and heavy duty very positive clamping.
    Forge Build Guide

    Never try to tell me it can't be done
    When I have to paint I use

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