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Thread: Low profile slitting saw arbor from MT2 Blank End Arbor

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    Low profile slitting saw arbor from MT2 Blank End Arbor

    The Myford-Rodney milling attachment used on my Myford ML7R lathe has a very limited vertical travel, especially when the workpiece is mounted in a milling vise. Using a lathe chuck or collet chuck to hold a saw arbor further reduces the vertical travel available. An arbor with a morse taper, fitted directly in the lathe- or milling spindle, improved the clearance. There is a plethora of low profile slitting saw arbor designs on the Internet (and indeed also on This design is therefore nothing new. The step-by-step explanation of how I simplified construction by making the entire arbor from a store-bought MT2 Blank End Arbor may, however, be of use to others. This approach obviates the need to turn the taper. While the arbor was made to fit my Myford lathe and milling attachment, the design could be adapted to fit machines with tapers other than MT2. Refer to the attached photos and PDF file for details. The drawings are also attached in “.dwg” and “.dxf” format. I made this arbor to accommodate a 70 x 1 mm slitting saw, with a 1” center hole but the design could obviously be adapted as required. Credit for the end cap design to Mike, who has a great website at mikesworkshop - Introduction.
    Low profile slitting saw arbor from MT2 Blank End Arbor-arbor-p1.jpg Low profile slitting saw arbor from MT2 Blank End Arbor-arbor-p2.jpg
    Arbor from MT2 Blank.pdf

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