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Thread: Machine shop lift accident - video

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    When I saw them try to stand the poor guy up after that mold had pinned his legs my first thought make a litter out of your shirts and a couple of pieces of stock and carry him don't risk further injury to his legs.
    There were enough guys there to form a 4 man locked hand carry if nothing else.
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    GEEZ, that hurt me just to watch!!!

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    Just next to them was a trolley
    it looked like the injury was a recoverable one - that block of steel could have seriously mashed the guy.
    There is a very serious observation to be made which we are all guilty of. If you look closely you can see the guy is trying to hold the load up until the very last second when he realises hes in big trouble. Its a human instinct that gets us all into heaps of trouble, whether it is because we desperately need the job and think we will be singled out for the blame or because its a human instinct to save the day. It takes years of experience and employer abuse to finally get to a stage when you say f-it, run and let the bugger drop. I have seen more than my fair share of near misses and had the proverbial why didn't you catch it or you should have caught it, always by someone who was observing from a distance and had a better solution created in their own head. I manage to annoy people now by standing back and taking my time planning a job before even lifting a finger, meetings and tribunals are great fun when you see the stark realisation on someones face that they were instructing you to do something that contravened health and safety regulations. Sucker. They don't pay us enough to do stupid things on their behalf at our risk, for some reason narcissists think you have to do exactly what they say because they have a god complex. Sorry i meant to say unqualified and inexperienced bosses. I'm sorry to say but they will never get on top of this health and safety thing especially with the new way of recruiting staff, taking kids from Uni and pushing them up the ranks whilst leaving the skilled workforce out on the streets will only lead to disaster. The accumulated years of experience stands for more than some jumped up jonny know it all telling you what to do because he has been in charge for the whole 2 mins of his career. A personal bug bear of mine is that there is an assumption that degrees make people intelligent - ten years now and the stupidity has not ended. skills shortage will never be addressed until they look to employ skilled people instead of academically minded individuals for practical skilled work, it is a no brainer as you guys over the pond like to say.

    in relation to the clip
    the rigging wasn't fit for purpose and completely underrated, the lift should have been carried out hands off, only idiots stand under loads (which effectively this is). for starters the chain was going to slip, that's the nature of chains. making the assumption that the material was a steel block (based on its visual mass and the task being performed) about to be loaded into the mill on the right of the picture (incidentally with a step ladder in the way) and the icing on the cake two very small looking chain blocks to effect the lift. Did you observe how many bosses appeared when the accident occurred. (what happened who's to blame, it wasn't me i was in the office etc), their like flies around poop.

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