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Thread: Made a 350mm Disc sander

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    Made a 350mm Disc sander

    I thought that a disc sander would be a useful addition to the shed, so bought a 2HP 240V motor off E-Bay (1440RPM), a small sheet of 1/2" ply and an off cut of 3mm metal sheet. Went out and bought a really old basic wood lathe just for the parts ($15) as it had a couple of small face plates and then cut up the frame and threw the rest out apart from the motor.
    Cut the sheet of ply into 2 circles of 350mm and glued them together. Coated the ply with Polyurethane to seal the ply. Bolted the faceplate to it and then machined it on the metal lathe to a perfect circular disc and also the front face to make it flat, re-coated the front face with polyurethane. Then went on to build a dust extraction frame and another frame holding the table.

    Full build details are located at:

    Made a 350mm Disc Sander | MIG Welding Forum
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Made a 350mm Disc sander-1.-shroud-extend-pins.jpg   Made a 350mm Disc sander-2.-back-dust-cover-1.jpg   Made a 350mm Disc sander-3.-motor-base.jpg   Made a 350mm Disc sander-4.-assembled-bare-frame-2.jpg   Made a 350mm Disc sander-5.-assembled-bare-frame.jpg  

    Made a 350mm Disc sander-6.-back-dust-cover-welded-up.jpg   Made a 350mm Disc sander-7.-disc-sander-1.jpg   Made a 350mm Disc sander-8.-disc-sander-2.jpg  

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    Thanks Ed.! We've added your Disc Sander to our Disc Sanders category,
    as well as to your builder page: Ed.'s Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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