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Thread: magnetic hex bit holder

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    magnetic hex bit holder

    My approach to making sure that my xbits are always found when I need them is to use small, round rare earth magnets.
    The problem with round magnets is finding a method to fasten them. Epoxy or other types of glue do not always provide permanent and clean results.
    I use a home made Tool Caddy for storing my tools, so this examples applies to how I devised a method to use magnets to hold my xbits.
    I wanted a half a dozen or so tool bit holders, so I drilled 6 1/4" holes right through a 3/4" board. This diameter is exactly the diameter of the tool bits.
    I then measured the diameter of the magnets and, from the other side of the board, I drilled a partial hole, just deep enough to fit the magnet.
    Once the magnets were set in place, I covered the magnets with a plastic strip, and fastened the strip with a couple of screws.
    Now I can insert my xbits and have them pulled in and held by the magnets. They wont fall out, and the magnets are set securely. Moreover, these magnets are kept clean for future uses.

    Using this concept, there are many possibilities for holding small, round bits
    magnetic hex bit holder-img_0733.jpgmagnetic hex bit holder-img_0734.jpg

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    Well done and cleverly designed.

    I bought a few of the commercial version of what you've built...

    and I love them for the seemingly endless variety of 1/4" hex bits that accumulate. Having a magnetic base so they can be stuck to the vertical sides of tools boxes/carts is another real convenience.

    The same design is available for socket storage...

    They're meant to have standard sockets in the front row and deep sockets in the deeper holes in the back. That would require two separate holders for metric and inferial if you happen to live in one of the backward countries where inferial is still used. I comprised by keeping deep inferial sockets in the front holes and deep metric sockets in the back holes. Personally, I've found very few situations where a deep socket can't be used instead of standard. They probably exist but I haven't stumbled on many.
    Regards, Marv

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    Thanks flyforever! We've added your Magnetic Round Bit Holder to our Storage and Organization category,
    as well as to your builder page: flyforever's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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