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Thread: Make Your Own Dough Cutter

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    Make Your Own Dough Cutter

    Make Your Own Dough Cutter-100_1214.jpg

    A dough cutter is an essential kitchen tool, every baker has a use for.

    You can make your own dough cutter. Ill show you how in this video.

    This is a great project to take on for making gifts. The fabrication process is relatively easy, and straight forward. Relatively speaking, this project is not very time consuming, and such a hand-crafted gift is much appreciated by the recipient.

    I would caution against any intention of making these to sell though, as stainless-steel dough cutters imported from China are available for around $3.00 each, depending where one shops. The materials cost alone are much higher than this if you decide to make your own. Of course, you can make a far superior product with better quality materials and craftsmanship, but this is lost on most of the customers you might encounter at craft shows.

    The materials I used were: 20-gauge, #304 stainless steel (cut to 5 x 6), stainless steel round bar (for rivets), hard maple scales (handles) ripped from stock, leaving two 5/16 strips while still rough. Beyond that, I used some MAS Rapid Cure epoxy, DAP Rapid Fuse glue, and some butcher block (mineral) oil.

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