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Thread: Making Hydraulic Lift Table

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    Making Hydraulic Lift Table

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    Thanks warsztatOdZera! We've added your Hydraulic Lift Table to our Jacks and Lifts category,
    as well as to your builder page: warsztatOdZera's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    That's great.
    Very useful for working with Stuff at different heights.
    I have a 1972 Land Rover Series III Truck Cab/Pick-Up and a 1962 Land Rover Series 2a Carawagon Camper.

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    Iíve fallen and I canít get up

    Quote Originally Posted by warsztatOdZera View Post
    I bet my wife could use this to get me up when I fall instead of calling my neighbors 😳

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    Congratulations warsztatOdZera - your Hydraulic Lift Table is the Homemade Tool of the Week!

    This is a versatile and useful build, and the video was clear and well done.

    Some more nice builds from this week:

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    warsztatOdZera - you'll be receiving a $25 online gift card, in your choice of Amazon, PayPal, or bitcoin. Please PM me your current email address and gift card choice and I'll get it sent over right away.

    This is your 4th Homemade Tool of the Week win. Here are all of your Homemade Tool of the Week winning tools. Congrats again

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    warsztatOdZera (Aug 8, 2020)

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