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Thread: Making a truck fit inside a low-clearance tunnel - GIF

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    Are they unloading it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffle-Valve View Post
    Are they unloading it?
    If they do the only way they will get it out will be to flatten the tires.
    I would guess by the way they could bounce it, that it is empty
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    A sledge hammer comes to mind first - Make the corners of that opening square. Letting air out of the tires would be next like Frank S suggested.
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    Back when I worked on trucks we had a lowboy trailer that high centered on the curb to our access road. To get it unstuck and save the owner a pile of money for a 10-foot tow I disconnected the airbag suspension equalizer valve from the frame and held the control lever down to inflate the suspension fully.

    That was the first time in my adult life someone offered to buy me a steak dinner. I felt like a rock star.

    If this truck has to do this often, and I'm guessing they do since they brought Tiny and Slim along, they might consider getting an air suspension and having someone plumb in a dump valve. to manually lower the suspension.

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