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Thread: Man catapulted off plank while unloading pipes - GIF

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    Man catapulted off plank while unloading pipes - GIF

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    Several things wrong with this. 1 the hook in the end of the pipe instead of using a choker sling.
    Even a plate grab with loaded locking would have been better than just sliding the hook in the end of the pipe.
    Another is the guy being so lazy he has to sit down while waiting for the load to be raised and sitting of all places a straddle of the very piece of dunnage he is going to slide under the load.
    I wonder if it hit him hard enough to prevent future procreation

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    Like with any good comedy routine, timing is everything. If the guy hadn't had to go to the hospital, I'd say it was staged. I think it's more of a "I've done it like this a hundred times and nothing ever happened" kind of thing, but I bet that changes! I've always kept a couple of "C" channel lengths around for this reason but always insert them from the ground and from off to the side.

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    I'm affraid to say, I can't stop laughing. I know I shouldn't, but it was funny.

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