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Thread: Manson 9" mini lathe - photo

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    Surprisingly, it was built right here in Los Angeles.

    The real question is why it was built. It's not particularly useful as a jeweler's lathe. Rather it's a working model of a machinist's lathe. As such, its one inch swing and three inches between centers is too small for most work. Even a Unimat can take bigger work than that. I've never heard of a model builder using one of these. Where was the market back in 1946 for such a device? The original cost was around $50 and that was a lot of money in 1946.

    Despite all that, most machinists, including me, would like to have one, if for nothing more than a desktop ornament.
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    Manson mini lathe

    Probably a salesman sample. Sweet little machine. I'm the right market it might sell for as much as the full size machine.

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