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Thread: Manual trash compactor - GIF

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    I noticed some items which should have gone into the recycling bin. Don't you US guys recycle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bony View Post
    I noticed some items which should have gone into the recycling bin. Don't you US guys recycle?
    I didn't notice much in the way of recyclables', but did note a lot of organic matter which would have wound up in my compost, Some of the paper if not wet or food contaminated would possibly have been used to start a fire in my wood stove, as for the rest buying in bulk prevents a lot of useless excess packaging
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    Not nearly enough. When I see how much trash and garbage I produce I imagine that times hundreds of millions and I swear I wonder where they put all that crap. I know it goes into land fills but, hell, how long can that continue? I think recycling should be mandatory in the US and no, I'm not a liberal. When I lived in Aiken, SC they had a good recycling center just down the road but here in Flora, MS, nothing that I know of. It's quite a shame to throw away so much potentially good stuff.

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